Python String Formatting

String Formatting Operator %

>>> s = "Python"
>>> a = 1991

#this is old style formatting

>>> print("%s was developed in %d"%(s,a))
Python was developed in 1991

>>> x = 10.34567
>>> print('The value of x is %3.2f' %x)
The value of x is 10.35

>>> print('The value of x is %3.4f' %x)
The value of x is 10.3457

#truncating long string Old style
>>> print ("% 0.5s"%("hello world"))

#padding and aligning Old style
>>> print("%30s"%("hello world")) #right align	    
                   hello world

>>> print("%-30s"%("hello world")) #left align    
hello world
#numbers Old style
>>> print("%d"%(42))

>>> print("%f"%(42.56))

#padding numbers old style
>>> print("%4d"%(42))	    

>>> print("%04d"%(42)) #padded with 0    

>>> print("%06.2f"%(42.5689))	    

#signed numbers old style
>>> print("%+5d"%(42))	    

>>> print("% d"%(-42))	    

format() method :

The format() method is used to format the string as per requirement, it is very powerful ad versatile.

In format string we place the curly braces { } as placeholders which gets replaced.

We can use positional arguments or keyword arguments to specify the order.

Example :

# default arguments
>>> print("{}, was developed in {}.".format("Python", 1991))
Python, was developed in 1991.

In the above example, { } will be replaced with the order parameter in format() method.So, first {} will replace with "Python" and second {} will replace with 1991.

Example :

# positional arguments
>>> print("In {1}, {0} was developed.".format("Python", 1991))
In 1991, Python was developed.

In the above example, {1} will replace with 1991 and {0} will replace with "Python". format() method always positioned the values from 0, we can change the order of position in our formatted string.

Example :

# keyword arguments
>>> print("{language}, was developed in {year}.".format(language="Python", year=1991))
Python, was developed in 1991.

In the above example, within the {} specify the keyword and in format() method pass the corresponding value to the keywords.

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