Function Pointer in Python

In python, everything is object, everything means everything.

If we create a variable of any type like int, float, str etc, that is also an object.

So, functions are also objects in python.

As we know that every object has its own id, so we can access and store that id to a variable.


# let's careate a function

def myfun():
    print("Hello from function")

# call the function

# print the id of function

# access the id and store in varaible

fun = myfun  notice, not using paranthesis

''' now, this fun is pointing to the function myfun(),
means, we can access and execute the function by
calling fun allso'''

print('accessing through fun')
Hello from function
accessing through fun
Hello from function

In the above program, fun is function pointer, that is pointing to a function i.e. myfun().

Above code clearly showing that we can store and access the function from another variable. The variable which points to a function is called function pointer.

def myfun():
    print("Hello from myfun")

def myfun1(arg1):
    print("I accept one argument arg1 :", arg1)

f = myfun
f1 = myfun1

Hello from myfun
I accept one argument arg1 : Hello

Next chapter is Anonymous Function


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